Before Depression
1660 - 1800


Issue 1 (Spring 2011): Creative Melancholy / Melancholy Creativity

'Introduction' by Professor Richard Terry (Northumbria University)

'"Anxious Cares": From Pope's Spleen to Coleridge's Depression'

Professor Michael O'Neill (Durham University)

'"Mere Despair": Alexander Pope and the Death of Hope'

Professor Allan Ingram (Northumbria University)

'Engraving the 18th-Century Blues: Hogarth's Representation of Depression'

Professor Peter Wagner (University of Koblenz-Landau)

'The English Malady through Irish Eyes: Goldsmith as an honorary Englishman'

Professor Nigel Wood (University of Loughborough)

'Samuel Johnson and Depression'

Professor Serge Soupel (retired scholar)

Coleridge's 'Melancholy'

Dr. Neil Vickers (King's College, London)

Issue 2 (Fall 2011): Diagnosis, Treatment, Suicide

'Introduction' by Professor Richard Terry (Northumbria University)

'Depression and Gardens'

Dr. Stephen Bending (Southampton University)

'"As melancholy as a sick Parrot": Depressed (?) Women at the Beginning of the Long Eighteenth Century'

Professor Elaine Hobby (University of Loughborough)

'Diagnosing and Treating Melancholy in Georgian England'

Dr. Jonathan Andrews (Newcastle University)

'"The Limits of Sympathy": Newspaper Reporting of Suicide in the North of England, c. 1750-1830'

Professor R.A. Houston (University of St Andrews)

'Religion and the Body in Seventeenth-Century Women's Melancholy'

Dr. Katherine Hodgkin (University of East London)

'"La maladie anglaise": French Views of Depression and Suicide in Eighteenth-Century England'

Professor Jeffrey Hopes (Université du Maine)

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