Before Depression
1660 - 1800

All these lectures are available as free audio files - just use the links

13 February 2007: Dr Alison Brabban (Durham Area Health Authority):
'Understanding Depression'

27 February 2007:Professor Nigel Wood (University of Loughborough):
'The Englishman's Malady: Goldsmith and Civilised Needs'

24 April 2007:Professor Anne Laurence (Open University)
'Women's Spiritual Autobiography' This lecture took place at the Glass Centre, Sunderland

8 May 2007: Professor Anthony J. LaVopa (North Carolina State University):
'Revisiting the Boswells: Work, Politeness, and Melancholy in the Scottish Enlightenment'

9 October 2007: Professor Serge Soupel (University of Paris 3, Sorbonne Nouvelle):
'The true culprit is the mind, which can never run away from itself' (Horace): Samuel Johnson and Depression'

30 October 2007: Professor Michael O'Neill (University of Durham):
'Anxious Cares: From Pope's Spleen to Coleridge's Dejection'

20 November 2007: Dr Neil Vickers (King's College, London):
'Coleridge's Melancholy'

5 February 2008: Dr Stephen Bending (University of Southampton):
'Melancholy Amusements: Women, Gardens, and the Depression of Spirits' This lecture took place at the Glass Centre, Sunderland

19 February 2008: Professor Allan Ingram (University of Northumbria):
'Mere Despair: Alexander Pope and the Death of Hope' (This lecture replaces the one originally scheduled.)

A second series of lectures took place in 2008 - 2009.

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