Before Depression
1660 - 1800

Second Public Lecture Series, 2008-2009

Lectures, except where indicated, take place in the Lipman Building of the University of Northumbria, ground floor lecture theatre room 031. All lectures begin at 6.30 and admission is free.

All these lecture are now available as mp3 audio files - just follow the links

23 September 2008: Professor Joel Faflak (University of Western Ontario)
'Get Happy! Romantic Psychiatry and the Addiction to Wellness'

7 October 2008: Professor Peter Wagner (University of Koblenz-Landau)
'Engraving the 18th-Century Blues: Hogarth's Representation of Depression

11 November 2008: Professor RAB Houston (University of St Andrews)
'The Limits of Sympathy: Newspaper Reporting of Suicide in Scotland and the North of England, c.1750-1830'

10 February 2009: Professor Jenny Richards (University of Newcastle)
'Melancholy and the Talking Cure in the Sixteenth Century'

17 March 2009: Professor Jeffrey Hopes (Université du Maine)
'"La maladie anglaise": French views of depression and suicide in eighteenth-century England'

31 March 2009: Patrick Wildgust (Curator, Shandy Hall)
'Poor Maria & My Friend, Mr Shandy' (This lecture took place in the lecture theatre of The Lit & Phil, 23 Westgate Road, Newcastle)

12 May 2009: Dr Jonathan Andrews (University of Newcastle
'Diagnosing and Treating Melancholy in Georgian England'

20 October 2009: Dr Katharine Hodgkin (University of East London)
'Religion and the Body in Seventeenth-Century Women's Melancholy'

3 November 2009: Professor W.R. Owens (Open University)
'The Ordeal of John Bunyan'

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