Before Depression
1660 - 1800

The People

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Dr Leigh Wetherall-Dickson | Diane Buie | Pauline Morris

Dr Leigh Wetherall-Dickson (Research Associate)

Leigh has undertaken research on the life and works of Lady Caroline Lamb. Lamb is a case study of how reputation can lead to the cultural construction of madness, and how the labels of 'madness' and 'hysteria' have subsequently been used as a means to discredit Lamb critically as a legitimate subject of study. She has published several articles that focus upon this re-legitimising of Lamb and is co-editing the forthcoming Pickering & Chatto three-volume set of Lamb's works. For this project her research focuses upon autobiographical accounts of depression with the objective of publishing a critical anthology of these insights into a distressing state of mind that was more often than not discounted, ignored or silenced.

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