Before Depression
1660 - 1800

The People

Professor Allan Ingram | Dr Clark Lawlor | Professor Stuart Sim | Professor Richard Terry
Dr Leigh Wetherall-Dickson | Diane Buie | Pauline Morris

Professor Stuart Sim is retired Professor of Critical Theory in the English dept., University of Sunderland (2008), and currently Visiting Professor in the English dept., University of Northumbria (2009- ). He will be co-editing the multi-authored volume of essays, Before Depression. His research specialisms are seventeenth/eighteenth-century prose fiction, and recent critical theory (particularly postmodernism). Professor Sim is the author or editor of 25 books, and his work has been translated into 17 languages. Amongst his recent publications are, Empires of Belief: Why We Need More Scepticism and Doubt in the Twenty-First Century (2006), Manifesto for Silence: Confronting the Politics and Culture of Noise (2007), and The Eighteenth-Century Novel & Contemporary Social Issues (2008). He is a Fellow of the English Association, and joint editor of the journal Bunyan Studies.

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